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Value of ultrasound elastography in the diagnosis and management of prostate carcinoma. Source: Medical Ultrasonography.

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Mar, Vol. Author s : Dudea, Sorin M. The examination technique and normal appearance are presented. The paper describes and illustrates the appearance of prostate cancer and suggested diagnostic scores.

Support for both transrectal and transperineal imunologia prostatitei Support for both transrectal and transperineal biopsy UroNav supports both transrectal and transperineal stepper or freehand biopsy approaches, providing users the flexibility necessary to incorporate fusion-guided biopsy into their preferred biopsy method. Comprehensive, 3D review of the biopsy following the procedure Comprehensive, 3D review of the biopsy following the procedure The clinical team can review biopsy targets and core samples taken during the procedure in 3D, which assists users in easily identifying biopsy sample locations. UroNav also provides users with access to view and export screen captures and video recording taken during the fusion-guided biopsy. UroNav can guide your biopsy — even without pre-biopsy MR images UroNav can guide your biopsy — even without pre-biopsy MR images Ultrasound-only workflow with UroNav allows for tracking of biopsy locations under ultrasound guidance without a prior MRI exam. Biopsy locations ultrasound of the prostate be registered with a future MRI and then targeted for resampling.

Artifacts, causes for false results and limitations are discussed and also illustrated. The diagnostic influence of intraprostatic tumor location, tumor volume and Gleason score are presented.

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The paper also reviews the statistical diagnostic value of the method, the relation to prostate biopsy and magnetic resonance assessment. In the end, potential uses and future developments of the method are mentioned.

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We consider that TPTB can be the gold standard biopsy. To assess the efficiency and safety of transperineal ultrasound-guided template biopsy of prostate TPTB. We studied prospectively a number of patients who underwent TPTB of prostate as first means of diagnosis from September to August The procedure was performed in the surgery room, in lithotomy positon, under local anesthesia, by means of standard freehand method sampling of at least 12 fragments,based on predetermined mapping. The data base included the age of the patient, the PSA level, the prostatic volume, the presence of clinical suspicion at digital rectal examination, the histopathological data and immediate and late post-surgery complications.

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It has the potential to reduce false negatives and speed up diagnosis, which can make a life-saving difference to patients. Prostate biopsy, the most reliable method of detection, is a challenge because of the difficulties in visualizing not only the entirety of the prostate, but also the location of the biopsy needle. Trans-rectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy TRUSthe current biopsy standard, commonly suffers from poor image resolution, and the biopsy needle often passes through tumor-free areas of the prostate — potentially missing the tumor entirely.

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