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J Eval Clin Pract ; 25 6 :Dec. This process has not yet been evaluated in Romania.

Books relating to elípsă and brief extracts from same to provide context of its use in Romanian literature. The Elipsa gene is required for ciliary assembly in Danio as is the Elipsa ortholog, Dyf, in Caenorhabditis Bacaj et al. Bradley Yoder, 2 Cucuteni-Cetǎţuie: monografie arheologicǎ : sǎpǎturile din Un motiv caracteristic este acela în formă de elipsă, cruţată cu două sau trei dungi laterale roşii-brune, arcuite, cu un motiv în formă de ghirlandă, sus şi jos, legate prin o bandă de dungi verticale roşii-brune, delimitate de una sau două dungi

The study aims to evaluate SDM from the patients' perspective and to evaluate patients' characteristics that associate with SDM. Inpatients and outpatients who referred to Hospital Units treating autoimmune diseases or atrial fibrillation were included.

Another sample consisted of members of the Autoimmune Disease Patient Society, who completed an online anonymous questionnaire. All participants completed the Romanian translated version of the 9-item Shared Decision Making Questionnaire SDM-Q-9as these samples were used for the validation of this questionnaire, too.

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Patients had to refer to the visit in which the decision concerning the antithrombotic treatment was taken atrial fibrillation patientsor the immunosuppressive treatment was last time changed autoimmune disease patients. Ordinal regression having the total SDM score as dependent variable was used.

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Patients with higher education were influenced most by the setting, giving the best marks in hospital and low marks online, while those with lower education gave lower marks in psa agreement meaning settings. The patients with higher education were most influenced by this condition, while those psa agreement meaning the lowest education were the most critical.

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