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Minerva Anestesiol ; 74 11 :Nov. Thirty-three underwent ear, nose, and throat ENT procedures and twenty-five underwent gynaecological procedures.

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A magnet patch M or a placebo patch P was applied to patients in each group randomly. The patch was applied 15 min before surgery to P6 a point situated above the wrist, on the medial aspect of the arm between the palmaris longus and flexor carpi radicis REF point.

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Anaesthesia was standardized for all patients. Primary study endpoints included PONV scores and number of rescue antiemetic administrations.

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Secondary endpoints included pain scores, percentage of patients who required rescue analgesics and satisfaction scores. Study variables were measured on arrival in the PACU and 8, 16 and 24 h after surgery.

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In addition, magnet-treated patients had similar pain and PONV scores, and a similar percentage of patients in each groups received postoperative rescue analgesics. Finally, there was no difference in the number of rescue antiemetic administrations between the two groups.

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