Coffee and prostate cancer benefits

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Chair : Prof. Rodica Anghel, Dr. Mircea Dediu — — Inside the immune oncology science — Prof.

coffee and prostate cancer benefits oncologia prostatitei

Jean Pierre Armand — — How to sequence the available treatments in metastatic melanoma — Prof. Thomas Brodowicz — — Coffee break — — Debate : metastatic RAS wt, right side colon cancer : two perspectives on the best treatment sequence Chair : Conf.

Spa History The Bear Lake alone is worth the trip. The clean air, the beautiful landscape and its tranquillity have made Sovata one of the most beautiful spas in Romania. The healing properties of salt water and healing mud from Europe's only heliothermic lake have attracted health-seekers since the end of the 19th century. Today, the remedies are available exclusively to the Ensana Hotels, where they are used to treat a variety of health problems.

Adina Croitoru Antiangiogenics : Dr. Adina Croitoru — — Early breast cancer diagnosis and radiation therapy procedures RT : Conf. Laura Rebegea - Minimally invasive procedures in pretherapeutical evaluation and treatment in breast cancer - Coffee and prostate cancer benefits.

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Lisencu Carmen — — Lunch — Find and aim the target in non small cell lung cancer Chair: Prof. Tudor Ciuleanu Speaker: Prof.

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Lucian Miron, Prof. Tudor Ciuleanu, Dr. Viorica Nagy - Guidelines in the management of cervical carcinoma — Dr. Coza Ovidiu - Progress and controversies in ovarian cancer treatment — Dr. Oana Trifanescu Rare gynecological cancers.

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Prof Dr. Viorica Nagy — Coffee break — Important issues in the multimodal approach of gastric and colon cancer Chair : Conf.

Piciu Doina Optimal adjuvant treatment in gastric cancer- Conf. Michael Untch - Speaker against : Dr. Gabriel Kacso - Radiation therapy in prostate cancer: does one size fit all?

Virtually No Downside to Tea Julie Edgar at WebMD writes that studies show some teas may help with cancer; diabetes; heart disease; lowering cholesterol; encouraging weight loss; and bringing increased mental alertness. Tea also has antimicrobial properties. Various brews are known generally as tea, but purists believe green, black, white, oolong, and pu-erh are the most genuine.

Gabriel Kacso - Immune therapy - Dr. Lazar Popovic - Renal cancer update - Conf. Serban Negru - Highlights of immune oncology in gastrointestinal cancer - Conf.

Coffee and Prostate Cancer

Serban Negru - Innovative approach in systemic treatment in head and neck tumors - Conf. Laurentia Gales - Her 2 positive - Dr.

Madalina Draganescu - New trends in the endocrine treatment of advanced breast cancer - Conf. Tudor Ciuleanu - Presenting the chaos - Prof.

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Tudor Ciuleanu - Attempting to order - Dr. Mircea Dediu.